So close yet so far…

The final day of the National Championships was one filled full of drama for Jody and the other members of the Team Pursuit (Alistair Rutherford, Adam Duggleby and Tim Lawson. In the morning qualifying, the quartet surprisingly qualified fastest in a time of 4:27.009, made even more impressive as Jody pulled up after 5laps still feeling ill from the previous day.

In the final a change of tactic was employed, knowing that Jody only had a few laps in his legs he opted to get the team up to speed and stay on the front until his pace dropped off, leaving the remaining riders to finish the 4km.

But it was clear when Jody pulled off that the team of VC St Raphael were clearly in the sights of SIS. The remaining 3 riders set about making the juncture and ending the race early.

Then disaster struck the team just as they were within 5metres of the catch and the National title, a touch of wheels between Alistair and Tim caused a crash, effectively ending the race, and VC winning by default. Tim was stretchered off  and taken to hospital, where at the last check he currently has 4 broken vertebra and awaiting further MRI scans. (Get well soon Tim)

At the end of the week, Jody finished with 3 Bronze and 2 Silver medals, a World Record and a British Record. Not a bad week at the office.

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