Mallorca Camp

Day 7, Almost there now, 2 more days of riding left and then we’re back to England, when I can hopefully convert all these miles and hard efforts into some speed on the boards of the track.

Everyone here in Majorca has been working hard and we all seem to be riding well better than in previous seasons. Which is a good sign (maybe not so for our opponents!).

I’ve been on a combination of efforts out here, with hill climbs, motor paced blocks and long rides making up the majority of my hours in the saddle. I seem to be going from strength to strength as the camp goes on.

Seen a few of the pro teams out on the road here too, with Leopard Trek, Lotto and Sky all spotted out on my rides. We’ve also had Tony Martin and Gerald Ciolek staying at the same hotel as us.

We have a lovely spa here at the hotel, and the Jacuzzi is just what my legs need after a long day in the saddle.

Speaking of Jacuzzi, after this morning’s 15minute motor paced efforts I think that’s where I’m off!

Catch you soon


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