World Champs – Day 1 (4km Pursuit)

What an eventful morning, riding the pursuit for the 1st time at a major championship it was all a step into the unknown. The previous pursuits I’d ridden had been without specific training, and the last one I rode was when I was ill at the nationals, so I had no idea where I would figure on the world stage.

With a target in my mind and a goal I’d been working on with my coach Chris Furber I set out to see if all the hard work had paid off.

4:44.085 and 2nd fastest behind Jiri Jezek of the Czech Republic, a near 20second PB, and a¬†guaranteed silver medal it couldn’t of gone any worse!

Just getting ready for the final, where the main aim is to back up the ride from this morning and try to pressure the gold. But racing the current world champ and record holder is going to be a tough challenge.

Catch you all soon.


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