World Champs – Day 2 (1km Time Trial)

Well Day 2 is here which means a shift back to the events I know and love, the Kilo today, and the Team Sprint tomorrow.

The pursuit for me was an experiment, and a way to score important qualification points for London, and to stand on the podium having won a silver medal is an amazing feeling. Congratulations Jiri, I’m after you now!

I think if I had a little more experience and confidence in my pursuiting ability I could of backed up my ride a little better and put in a stronger challenge in the final, but unfortunately I got carried away in the first few laps, and in the pursuit that’s a dangerous mistake to make. But I’ve ¬†learned my lesson , and will come back stronger next year. I’m just glad all the hard work paid off and I’m heading in the right direction.

Today is an important ride, as it’s the first time I’ve had to ride the kilo after riding a pursuit series the day before, and it’s also the first kilo I’ve ridden having had a pursuit focus in training. My coach will be monitoring all the factors and see how things add up. In an ideal world I’ve maintained my top end speed, and added a little endurance to the 2nd half. But that is to be seen.

Right time for some lunch and then it’s off to the track!


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