World Champs – Day 3 (Team Sprint)

World Champion, Jody Cundy (GBR) 1:05.144 New WR!

Seems like a good way to start a post!

After winning the silver in the Pursuit it was time to re-engage the sprinter inside me, and try to ride as fast as possible over 4laps of the track.

With 2 4km pursuits in my legs from the previous day it was going to be a tough task, but once I started my warm up my legs felt pretty good, well no worse than in a tough week of training, so I felt good about giving it everything. Going off last I was faced with beating my team mate Terry Byrne, who posted a 1:07.694, a massive PB for him, and also the fastest time ever other than my previous rides.

I settled into my ride pretty quickly as I tried to get the bike up to speed and accelerate hard. It was a strange sensation as it was the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve the previous day. 2 laps in and I could finally feel the effects of the pursuit, but I could also feel the effects of all the pursuit training I’d done and that helped me spin my legs smoothly through to the finish. I crossed the line to a huge cheer from the crowd, and it wasn’t until I came round the bend that I could see my time and start celebrating.

A new world record, taking 0.3 off my previous best from Manchester in 2009. That was my 4th kilo title in a row, and on each occasion I’ve broke the WR a pattern that I think is going to be difficult to continue, but would be cool if I could!

Anyway got to go, Team Sprint qualifying shortly. We’re off last of 15 teams.

Catch you soon

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