Jody named as one of 11 athletes on Sky Sports Scholarship Scheme

Jody has been named as one of 11 athletes on the revolutionary Sky Sports Scholarship Scheme, designed to help Britain’s and Ireland’s most exciting prospects fulfil their potential on the international stage. Sky Sports Scholarships extends Sky’s long term support of sport through programmes such as British Cycling, Sky Sports Living for Sport and the ECB Coach Education Programme. Sky Sports is preparing the athletes with funding for coaching, training and competition and with mentoring support from Sky Sports News presenters who will partner with them to follow their stories and share their experience of being in the public spot light.

Cycling is a financially demanding sport due to the state-of-the-art equipment that is required in order to compete at the highest level. Sky Sports’ support of Jody has enabled him to have access to this essential equipment. It has also enhanced his training schedule by allowing Jody to attend high-performance training camps, based outside of the UK, that offer better training conditions. The funding is giving Jody access to the best possible preparations ahead of competitions. Jody has been teamed up with Sky Sports News HD presenter John Paul Davis and you can follow his progress on Sky Sports News and in the coming months here.

Find out more about the Sky Sports Scholarship Scheme and why it has Jody dreaming of greater cycling glory!

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