Channel4 & Sainsbury’s Present… Jody Cundy Part II

Jody will show in part two of a series of ten 90 second films jointly commissioned by Channel 4 and Sainsbury’s and produced by IMG.

Following the first series in which 10 Paralympic Athletes including Jody were introduced by someone close to them, in this series we hear direct from each elite athlete themselves. The evocative, visually striking short films make up a series of intimate and exclusive snapshots of each athlete’s personal, often solitary, training worlds – the long days, weeks and months spent training to be the best in the world – showing their incredible determination, skill and commitment as they prepare to compete for their country on home ground at the London 2012 Paralympic Games.

The films illustrate the athletes’ strong, remarkable and diverse personalities – a group of exceptional Paralympians who are on course to contribute to a medal tally that is almost certainly going to exceed that of the able-bodied competitors in the Olympics.

Jat Sahota, Sainsbury’s head of sponsorship, said: “The truly incredible athletes featured in these films have fantastic stories to tell, which embody everything that is great about the UK’s Paralympians.

Beside Jody, the films also feature gold-medalist and record-breaking swimmer Ellie Simmonds, Team GB football captain David Clarke and Paralympic gold medal-winning archer Danielle Brown. They will air on Channel 4, at 7.55pm from 30 January with Jody’s film being shown on Friday, 10 February. Following this they will be repeated in a range of slots across the Channel 4 schedule and on the Channel 4 Paralympic website.

Jody Cundy MBE: Track Cyclist and 5 x Paralympic Gold medallist

This film explores how the indomitable Jody Cundy MBE, track cyclist and 5 x Paralympics gold medallist, is constantly striving to redefine what his body can do through training, in a sport where 1/1000 of a second can be the difference between winning and losing on the grand stage of London 2012.

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