100 Days to go

Well that’s certainly come around quickly. The 4 years between games always seem like so far away, and a huge amount of time, but before you know it we’re on the last run in to Rio.


So what’s happened in the 4 years since the last Paralympics and my famous John McEnroe moment in the track center of the London Velodrome?
Well I’ve done a bit of training, won a few races (2014, 2015 and 2016 World Championships), set 3 WR’s (1km TT, Flying 200m and Team Sprint), performed rehab on an elbow injury, and spent a week in hospital with a night in ICU when I couldn’t breathe.
All in all, it’s been an enjoyable period, it would have been nice to have had a few more races in there, but I’d be nit picking.


First step is selection, with the selectors meeting over the next few days to go over all the athlete’s performances ahead of the official announcement at Channel 4 on June 16th. Things look good on paper with the 2 golds I won at the recent world championships, but anything is possible, and with only 6 men’s places and 8 women’s the selectors will have some tough decisions to make, fingers crossed it will all go well and I’ll be on my way to my 6th Paralympic Games.


Until then it’s all about the training and trying to make every pedal rev on the bike and rep in the gym count, so when I’m in the start gate in Rio (fingers crossed) nothing is left to chance and I’m in the best condition I could be in, to race the perfect race.


Catch you on the 16th when I’ll be able to let you know whether it’s a thumbs up or down!





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