Official Selection

Last week was selection week, and the first wave of selections for the Cycling team to race in Rio were announced. I’m pleased to confirm that I’ll be going to my 6th Paralympic Games in Rio this September. The selection was announced at the Channel 4 studios, where myself and the rest of the team were introduced 1 by 1 by Chef de Mission Penny Briscoe. Then it was onto interviews with the press, TV and magazines, of all the 6 games I’ve been named on I can safely say that this announcement was the most high profile, and I think that’s partly due to the success of the London games, but also profile increase of the British Cycling team in recent games and years.

In Rio I will be competing in the 1km TT on September 9th and the mixed Team Sprint on September 11th.

Rio Selection
Jody at the team announcement. Photo Credit PA

Going to Rio as World Champion in those 2 events gives me great confidence, however there’s always something special about the Paralympics that forces everyone to raise their game, and after my London experiences I know to expect the unexpected, as anything can happen!

So thats it, I have 80 days of training until I’m sat on the start line for the Kilo. I was worried the other day thinking it’s coming around quick, but seeing the training that still needs to be done, there’s a lot of work still to do, and plenty of sessions to improve in and make sure everything comes together on the day.

As a bit of a preview to the games, and to get to know me a little better, and mainly because a lot of people who follow me pretty much know me for my swearing outburst in London, so I’m going to be doing a Facebook Live AMA (ask me anything) on my Facebook Page, which I’m also going to tie in on Reddit and hopefully answer any questions you might have about training, prosthetic legs, cycling, even that day in London or anything thing else you can think of.

So feel free to join in and check it out at Wednesday 22nd June at 7pm GMT.

Look forward to your questions, and I’ll catch you soon.





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