Jody takes bronze in the 4km Pursuit!

Jody Cundy smashed his Columbian rival in the C4 4km Individual Pursuit to win his first medal at a Paralympic home games!

He took just 5 laps out of 16 to chase down Diego German Duenas Gomez and secure a bronze. The double Beijing gold medallist was on a mission to claim his medal as he overlapped his opponent and punched the air in victory as the gun sounded to signal the end of the final.

Incredibly, he rode the first four laps of the Pursuit in 1:05.317; which, had he been allowed to ride the Kilo yesterday, would have won him gold. This only proves that Jody has unbelievable form and is performing at the top of his game.

Speaking after the race, Jody spoke of his gratitude for the home support: “I was starting to panic because my legs were completely gone after four and a half laps, but I couldn’t let the crowd down and they carried me home”

“The support here has been more incredible than anything I’ve experienced before! It really has been amazing, thank you to everyone for cheering me on”

“I’m fully committed to Rio in 2016 as I still have unfinished business.”

– Holly Thrower

Heartbreak for Jody as he is denied the chance to defend his 1km Time Trial title

Jody has been denied the chance to defend his Paralympic 1km Time Trial title after officials decided not to allow a restart following what appeared to be a fault with the gate.

Jody went of last and as he attempted to pull away from the gate, his back wheel didn’t release on time and it slipped, bringing Jody to hold up his hand and ask for a restart.

It was an agonizing wait whilst his coach Chris Furber and ParalympicsGB staff discussed the issue with the commissaires, as the velodrome was filled with the roaring objections and boos of the crowd.

Despite protests from Jody and his Great Britain coaches, the commissaires concluded that the starting issue was not due to faulty equipment  but was deemed ‘rider error’,  meaning that sadly he would not be allowed a restart and was not able to defend his 1km Time Trial title.

Jody initially reacted very emotionally, but after taking some time to comprehend the official’s decision, he came out to the 6,000 strong crowd and explained: “I would just like to apologise; I had an issue with the gate and my wheel slipped”

“I was hoping for a restart but it didn’t go my way unfortunately, and I didn’t get to ride and show you exactly what those 4 years of hard work in training have been about”

“I would like to apologise for my language, I think even over the noise you might have been able to hear it” he explained, to which fans could be heard shouting for him not to apologise for his earlier outburst.

Given Jody’s unquestionable determination to succeed, he will be sure to not allow today’s events to deter him from putting all his efforts into the 4km Pursuit tomorrow, where he will get the opportunity to show his fans exactly what he has been training for.

GB Para-cycling Team say “Hello!”

As Jody and the rest of the Para-cycling team were unable to attend the Opening Ceremony last night due to the cycling events starting today, they wanted to share a little video with their fans to say “Hello!”

Jody & Mark Colbourne shot, directed and edited the “Hello!” video as a thank you for the overwhelming support they have received from the British public, and it was a fantastic opportunity for the whole team to get together and capture some moments from their time in the holding camp and athletes village.

Jody said: “Making the video was fun; we wanted to get together as a team and show we have personalities outside our day job, but also show some of our preparations we went through in Newport. In doing so we hopefully put a smile on people’s faces.”

Please see the link below to view the video on YouTube and please feel free to share if you enjoy it!

Paralympic Games schedule and news update

After the thrill of the opening ceremony last night, Jody is more excited and focussed than ever at the prospect of achieving his Paralympic dreams. Jody’s first event will be the 1km Time Trial on Friday and he’s eager to jump on the velodrome boards.

“I’m in great form at the moment and I can’t wait to get out there and race in front of a home crowd! The support has been incredible so far and I think London 2012 will provide an opportunity for the public to really appreciate Paralympic sport, as we train just as hard and put just as much effort in as the Olympic team. It’s fantastic to see everyone really getting behind ParalympicsGB, it really means a lot.”

The decision to attend the London 2012 Paralympic opening ceremony is made by both the athletes and their coaches depending upon their racing schedule. “Of course it would be great to attend, but I’ve not been to an opening ceremony since I have joined the cycling team, as it’s also important to prepare correctly for your competition and sometimes that means you miss out on things. That’s something we are used to as athletes.”

Jody’s Paralympic Games racing schedule is listed below:

31/08/12 – C4/C5 1km Time Trial Final

01/09/12 – C4 4km Pursuit Qualification in the morning and Final in the afternoon if qualified

(02/09/12 – C1-5 Mixed Team Sprint Qualification in the morning and Final in the afternoon if qualified. Please note that Jody is currently a reserve rider)

London leg unveiled

Five times Paralympic Champion Jody Cundy showed off his ‘new leg for London’ today (Wednesday) with a special patriotic design and the names of all the people who have helped him throughout his career, and a “medal board” incorporating the 10 cycling Gold medals won at World Championships and Paralympics games.

As Jody, 33, ‘unveiled’ his new prosthetic leg at Manchester Velodrome, he said: “I am really happy the way it has turned out, I think it looks pretty cool.”

Jody, who was born with a deformed foot, which was amputated when he was just three years old, has been working on the design with top designer Gary Forshaw, who works with Össur, the Icelandic company, which produced his new prosthetic leg as well as those for ‘Blade Runner’ Oscar Pistorius, who is also competing in the Paralympics.

Delighted Jody said: “It’s a whole new leg for London. It’s a refinement of the leg I had in Beijing with new positioning and alignment and refined aerodynamics. I think the leg looks stunning and it is a thank you to everyone who has helped me on my journey to the Games, right from when I started competing up until now.”

The names of all those who have supported the five times Paralympics gold medalist are ‘ghosted’ into the design and on the back of the leg is a ‘medal board’ with ten medal images representing his gold medals in previous World Championships and Paralympics.

He added: “I love customising my leg. With so many restrictions on kit and other pieces of equipment it’s nice to have a bit of creative freedom and stand out from the crowd.”

Designer Gary said: “In the initial meetings we had to discuss the design Jody already had a fairly good idea of what he wanted, so from there it was just a case of getting those ideas on paper and then eventually onto the prosthesis. The aim was to create an eye-catching, iconic design, and to find a way to include all the names without distracting too much from the overall look – and hopefully we’ve managed to achieve that in the end. I think it looks great! “

Richard Hirons, lead prosthetist of Össur, said: “It happens to be a thing of beauty and I’m very satisfied with the result. “We’ve been very pleased at Össur to work with Jody and his coaching and support team on this collaborative project. We know that Jody will do his best when he’s called to the line, as he always does. In prosthetic terms we’ve been granted the opportunity to pay attention to details that often we’re not able to do. But whatever our contribution, it is Jody who has put in the hours and the effort that is the real headline. And for that, he has our support, admiration and best wishes.”

Jody becomes a patron of National Diversity Awards

Jody has been announced as a patron for this year’s National Diversity Awards 2012 which are set to take place in Manchester’s Midland Hotel, hosted by Big Brother’s Brian Dowling. The awards are a celebration of the achievements of community organisations and individuals who work tirelessly to promote equality, diversity and inclusion in our society.

The awards include a range of categories including positive role model, community organisation and entrepreneurial excellence each split into the five areas; age, race, disability, gender and LGBT.

Jody said: “I am proud to be supporting The 2012 National Diversity Awards – a fantastic celebration of the achievements that would often go unnoticed, but ultimately have enhanced today’s culturally diverse society, bringing together and creating role models from all walks of life! I look forward to meeting the nominees on the night!”

Nominations for the awards are open until the 27th of July 2012 and can be made online by visiting

Jody amongst the mix of multi-medallists and new talent named in Para-Cycling team for ParalympicsGB

Five times Paralympic gold medallists Jody Cundy has been selected as part of an 18-strong Para-Cycling team announced today by the British Paralympic Association (BPA) as competing at London 2012.

The team who will feature Paralympic multi gold medallists Sarah Storey, Darren Kenny and Aileen McGlynn and Beijing gold medallists David Stone and Rachel Morris is also bolstered by new talent including 2012 World Championships gold medallist Mark Colbourne and 2011 World Road and 2012 World Track Championships bronze medallist Shaun McKeown.

Speaking today, Jody said: “I feel honoured to be selected for my fifth Paralympics which ultimately is going to be the most important and special as it is on home soil. I can’t wait to defend my Paralympic titles and race in front of a partisan crowd as part of the strongest team that ParalympicsGB has ever sent to a Paralympic Games. I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who has supported me along the way and I look forward to your continued support. Bring on London!”

The Para-Cycling team brought home 20 medals from Beijing to finish top of their sport’s medal table, and the sport has brought home multiple international medals from road and track since 2008, so Paralympic selectors are confident that the team will perform once again when they take to the boards at the Olympic Park is just over 60 days’ time.

For more information please visit ParalympicsGB.

March Newsletter

With my break over and batteries recharged, it was back to the hard graft of training. For me that meant a return to the gym to increase my strength, and some miles on the road to increase my endurance. Having had such a long time out of the gym, the first few sessions were pretty painful as my muscles got used to lifting heavy weights again, but I was back into the swing of things pretty quickly. To help with the endurance I headed back to Majorca with the GB squad for an 18day camp. Majorca is a great place to train, and from December to March you’ll see some of the best cyclists in the world making the most of the good weather, great roads and mountains the island has to offer. The first week in Majorca was made up of a small group of 6 athletes, where we rode in small groups and individually to our specific training programmes. After 7days based in Alcudia, we joined the remainder of the GB Para-Cycling team in Santa Maria del Cami, to stay at the Reads hotel. Having had 7days of glorious sunshine I can safely say the remainder of the team brought out typically Manchester weather with them, as for 2 days straight, the temperature dropped the wind increased and the rain fell!

With the 3rd day of training done with the team, I made my way to the airport for a quick stop to London before heading back the morning after, as I was off to the Stella McCartney 2012 Olympic/Paralympic kit launch at the tower of London. With over 300 VIP’s, media and guests invited this was a massive event, and I was to be one of 30 athletes wearing the kit for the first time. On arrival from the airport it was straight to the venue for rehearsals, and to meet the other athletes (well the ones that had arrived!). Each athlete had specific queues to enter and leave the stage, I would be taking the stage in the first wave of athletes, entering through the first door with Frazier Cambell from Sunderland football Club and Peter Reed, Olympic Rowing Champion from the Coxless fours in Beijing. After rehearsals it was time to see the kit and try it on for the first time, and crucially make any alterations if necessary for the following mornings unveil. Fortunately the skinsuit I would be wearing for the launch fitted perfectly. The kit looked amazing!! Incorporating a stylised blue union flag at the centre of the design, it was certainly eye catching, and when seen altogether you can see the teams unique identity. With the fitting done it was time for food and then straight to bed, as we were up early the following morning to go through more rehearsals, to make sure everything ran like clockwork.

After breakfast it was on with the kit which we then had to cover with a plain grey tracksuit so we could travel to the venue without the paparazzi outside getting an exclusive peek! Safely into the venue we went through a full dress rehearsal, before heading into hair and makeup. Looking good we were all set, and led to the staging area before the show would start.  As we queued up in the order the nerves started to kick in, then Florence and the Machines, No Light No Light started to blast out of the PA system and the hidden door we were stood behind slid open as we walked out to our choreographed routine to over 300 VIP’s, reporters and a field of cameras. It felt good walking out in the kit to show it off to the world, but standing there I could feel my leg shaking with the nerves. I’m glad I don’t ever feel like that before my races! After the launch it was time to tell the press outside what we all thought of the kit and how preparations for the biggest sporting event we’d ever take part in were going. For my final interview I was invited to sit in with Stella McCartney, to offer an athlete’s perspective on the kit alongside Javelin thrower Goldie Sayers as Stella spoke to some members of the fashion press. As the day drew to a close it was time to hand all the kit back, knowing the next time I’ll be wearing it, all the hard work will be done and the Paralympics are about to start.

An early flight the following morning took me back to Majorca to finish the remainder of the GB training camp I was on. Thankfully on my return the sun had returned, and it was back to training in short sleeved jerseys and shorts! The final day in Majorca was a busy one, taking in the biggest climbs on the island, and also filming with Sky, who had flown out to get a behind the scenes look for an upcoming advert they have planned. On completion of the ride I jumped in a van with the Sky crew to head out to a private road to film some close up images that you just couldn’t do on the open roads. So I rode alongside the cameraman who was strapped to a quad bike as we sped along this short stretch of road. It was good fun, and before long they’d got everything they needed for the advert, except for some shots on the velodrome. However, they’re coming to Manchester to film those sections in a few days’ time.

With the endurance work in the bag its back to the track and gym now, to continue to work on my strength and speed. I’m also off to Herne Hill for the Good Friday cycling meet, the only racing on the track I’ll do prior to the Paralympics, and a chance to race in events that aren’t at the Paralympics. The meet has returned to Herne Hill after switching to Manchester last year, the velodrome is steeped with history being the track used at the 1948 Olympics last time they were in London. However it’s outdoors, so I hope the glorious weather we’ve just had returns, as the last 2 times I’ve raced there the meet has been cancelled due to rain!

Catch you all soon



Great Britain Take the Stage

Adidas, Official Sportswear Provider of Team GB and ParalympicsGB today proudly presented the British Team Kit for London 2012 that will be worn by the British athletes at the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

The kit has been designed by British designer Stella McCartney and is the most comprehensive range that has ever been supplied to a national team combining the best in performance technologies and stand-out British style. The design of the kit is focussed on the British flag, breaking down the iconic design and reconstructing it, creating a modern and contemporary twist.

Stella McCartney said: “The first place to start on a project like this is to look at the Union flag. For me it’s one of the most beautiful flags in the world and it was important for me to stay true to that iconic design but also to modernise it and present it in a contemporary way. Ultimately, we wanted the athletes to feel like a team and be proud with the identity we created.”

The kit was revealed in spectacular style at the Tower of London where over 30 athletes including Jessica Ennis, Phillips Idowu, Ellie Simmonds and Jody Cundy showcased the performance range including competition kit, training wear, the presentation suit, footwear and accessories.

Speaking about the new adidas kit, Jody said: “It was a pleasure to be a part of the kit launch and an honour to be one of the first to wear it! It is the nicest kit I’ve ever pulled on and I can’t wait to wear it proudly this summer. I think it looks awesome. And if you look good you race fast!”

Adidas will supply over 900 British athletes across the 26 Olympic and 20 Paralympic sports with a total of approximately 175,000 items of clothing. This is made up of 590 individual articles that have been created to ensure the British team will be the best-equipped nation for the Games.

Tim Hollingsworth, Chief Executive Officer of the British Paralympic Association (BPA), added: “A home Games will be an incredible experience for Britain’s Paralympic athletes. It is something that they have been working towards for most of their lives so they want to know that they have the kit that enables them to perform at their best. The fact that it is also stylish is definitely a bonus and will ensure they stand out.”

To see the whole kit range, please head to

World track Championships – Los Angeles Day 2

Day 2 and it was time for me to race the 4km Pursuit. Having won a silver medal in Montichiari the year before I was seeded into the last but one heat. I was lined up against Aaron Trent of the USA. As I built up speed to settle into my race rhythm I came out of turn 2 to be greeted by an official and the carpets from the start gate still in the middle of the track, not something thats normally there. Having averted the official I dropped down off the track, and hoped I would get a restart. Fortunately I would and I would ride once my official heat had finished and post a time on my own. My head a little all over the shot I settled back into the start gate and prepared for my 16lap test. Within 2 laps I knew that it was going to be a long 4km, as the gear felt massive, which considering I’d gone down in size because of the conditions and the track I thought was worrying. Once I had slipped of the pace my coach was walking I just tried to push on as much as possible. My target was to take the fastest time, a time I comfortable rode last year, that way I would be guaranteed another ride regardless of the outcome of the final heat. As the laps continued I kept pushing on, with words of encouragement being shouted from track side by Chris Furber, it’s the most animated I’ve see him while I’ve been racing, so I knew it was going to be tight.

I crossed the line in 4:55.958, some 11 seconds off my best, although in the tough conditions it was good enough to top the leader board. The world champ and bronze medalist from the previous worlds gunned for my time in the final heat to knock me down to 3rd. In the final I would now be riding for Bronze against Roberto Alcaide from Spain.

For the final I dropped my gear again, to hopefully suit the track and conditions, and immediately out of the gate I felt more controlled than in the morning qualifying , and I was on schedule, after 2laps I caught a glimpse of my opponent, and at that point I made the conscious decision to go for the catch. I injected some pace and within 5laps I had overcome my opponent to win the bronze. It was quite satisfying catching Roberto as he had caught me for 2 minutes during the time trial at the world road championships last September!

The final was an cracking pursuit contest, with Carol Eduard Novak taking the title ahead of previous world champions and WR holder Jiri Jezek.

C4 4km Pursuit

1. Carol-Eduard Novak  ROU 4:47.927

2. Jiri Jezek  CZE 4:50.852

3. Jody Cundy GBR Overlap

4. Roberto Alcaide ESP