Para-Cycling Road World Cup Sydney

Men’s C4 Road Race

After a successful Track World Championship Silver medal in the pursuit, Jody continued his endurance transition and made his debut on the road at the UCI Para-Cycling Road World Cup in Sydney. In only his 2nd road race he finished with a solid 8th place in the unfamiliar surroundings of road racing. The C4/C5 groups were combined on the road and Jody got stuck into the action right from the start finishing inside the top 10 to gain valuable qualification points for London.

Results 78.3km C4 road race.
1.M. Pittacolo ITA
2. Jiri Bouska CZE
3. R. Hughes AUS
9. J. Cundy GBR


Men’s C4 Time Trial

Next up was the timetrial, 4 laps of a techincal 5.5km course around the Sydney Olympic park, a venue very close to Jody as 11 years previous he won 2 golds and a bronze in the Aquatics centre at the 2000 Paralympic games.

Scoring points was the main goal for Jody and moving up the order compared to the road race would be critical to this. With a time of 31.49 he did just that finishing 6th 1min 28seconds down on the overall winner Jiri Bouska.

With 22 qualification points in the bag, and 10 medals won by the GB paracycling team, Sydney was a good start to the World Cup series. Jody will continue his road racing season, and hunt for 2012 qualification points at the P1 events in Piacenza and Gippingen, before taking on the 2nd round of the world cup in Sergovia Spain.

Results C4 22km TT
1. Jiri Bouska CZE – 30:21
2. Manfred Gattringer AUT – 30:37
3. Michele Pittacolo ITA – 31:08
6. J. Cundy GBR – 31:49

World Champs – Day 3 (Team Sprint)

World Champion, Jody Cundy (GBR) 1:05.144 New WR!

Seems like a good way to start a post!

After winning the silver in the Pursuit it was time to re-engage the sprinter inside me, and try to ride as fast as possible over 4laps of the track.

With 2 4km pursuits in my legs from the previous day it was going to be a tough task, but once I started my warm up my legs felt pretty good, well no worse than in a tough week of training, so I felt good about giving it everything. Going off last I was faced with beating my team mate Terry Byrne, who posted a 1:07.694, a massive PB for him, and also the fastest time ever other than my previous rides.

I settled into my ride pretty quickly as I tried to get the bike up to speed and accelerate hard. It was a strange sensation as it was the complete opposite of what I was trying to achieve the previous day. 2 laps in and I could finally feel the effects of the pursuit, but I could also feel the effects of all the pursuit training I’d done and that helped me spin my legs smoothly through to the finish. I crossed the line to a huge cheer from the crowd, and it wasn’t until I came round the bend that I could see my time and start celebrating.

A new world record, taking 0.3 off my previous best from Manchester in 2009. That was my 4th kilo title in a row, and on each occasion I’ve broke the WR a pattern that I think is going to be difficult to continue, but would be cool if I could!

Anyway got to go, Team Sprint qualifying shortly. We’re off last of 15 teams.

Catch you soon

World Champs – Day 2 (1km Time Trial)

Well Day 2 is here which means a shift back to the events I know and love, the Kilo today, and the Team Sprint tomorrow.

The pursuit for me was an experiment, and a way to score important qualification points for London, and to stand on the podium having won a silver medal is an amazing feeling. Congratulations Jiri, I’m after you now!

I think if I had a little more experience and confidence in my pursuiting ability I could of backed up my ride a little better and put in a stronger challenge in the final, but unfortunately I got carried away in the first few laps, and in the pursuit that’s a dangerous mistake to make. But I’ve  learned my lesson , and will come back stronger next year. I’m just glad all the hard work paid off and I’m heading in the right direction.

Today is an important ride, as it’s the first time I’ve had to ride the kilo after riding a pursuit series the day before, and it’s also the first kilo I’ve ridden having had a pursuit focus in training. My coach will be monitoring all the factors and see how things add up. In an ideal world I’ve maintained my top end speed, and added a little endurance to the 2nd half. But that is to be seen.

Right time for some lunch and then it’s off to the track!


World Champs – Day 1 (4km Pursuit)

What an eventful morning, riding the pursuit for the 1st time at a major championship it was all a step into the unknown. The previous pursuits I’d ridden had been without specific training, and the last one I rode was when I was ill at the nationals, so I had no idea where I would figure on the world stage.

With a target in my mind and a goal I’d been working on with my coach Chris Furber I set out to see if all the hard work had paid off.

4:44.085 and 2nd fastest behind Jiri Jezek of the Czech Republic, a near 20second PB, and a guaranteed silver medal it couldn’t of gone any worse!

Just getting ready for the final, where the main aim is to back up the ride from this morning and try to pressure the gold. But racing the current world champ and record holder is going to be a tough challenge.

Catch you all soon.


Jody selected for World Championships

Current double World and Paralympic Champion Jody Cundy has been selected for the UCI Para-Cycling Track World Championships in Montichari, Italy, on 11-13 March.
British Cycling has announced the 16 riders who will be competing, including seven Paralympic Champions alongside Jody – Mark Bristow, Anthony Kappes, Darren Kenny, Aileen McGlynn, Barney Storey, Sarah Storey and Neil Fachie.

GB Team Manager Gareth Sheppard said: “We have selected a very strong squad as this is the first of only two track competitions at which our team will be able to score qualification points for the 2012 London Paralympic Games. We expect to see some strong performances from our riders and our goal is to bring back as many medals as possible to help us qualify a satisfactory number of athletes for track events at the London Games. These World Championships will be an important marker of the squad’s performance and a great opportunity for some of our younger athletes hoping to ride for Britain in 2012 to gain competition experience at the highest level.”

Jody has been training hard in the past few weeks and is currently on a training camp in Newport to get the final touch for the World Championships. He will be racing not only in his prime events, the 1km Time Trial and the Team Sprint, but also for the first time in the Individual Pursuit.

To follow Jody’s progress, visit his Facebook Fanpage or follow him on Twitter

So close yet so far…

The final day of the National Championships was one filled full of drama for Jody and the other members of the Team Pursuit (Alistair Rutherford, Adam Duggleby and Tim Lawson. In the morning qualifying, the quartet surprisingly qualified fastest in a time of 4:27.009, made even more impressive as Jody pulled up after 5laps still feeling ill from the previous day.

In the final a change of tactic was employed, knowing that Jody only had a few laps in his legs he opted to get the team up to speed and stay on the front until his pace dropped off, leaving the remaining riders to finish the 4km.

But it was clear when Jody pulled off that the team of VC St Raphael were clearly in the sights of SIS. The remaining 3 riders set about making the juncture and ending the race early.

Then disaster struck the team just as they were within 5metres of the catch and the National title, a touch of wheels between Alistair and Tim caused a crash, effectively ending the race, and VC winning by default. Tim was stretchered off  and taken to hospital, where at the last check he currently has 4 broken vertebra and awaiting further MRI scans. (Get well soon Tim)

At the end of the week, Jody finished with 3 Bronze and 2 Silver medals, a World Record and a British Record. Not a bad week at the office.

Bronze and National Record for Jody on Day 4

A session of mixed feelings for Jody, after feeling ill all morning, he managed to get himself to the line in the evening for the 4km Pursuit. It was evident after 3 laps though that he wasn’t on his A game, slipping behind his schedule at an alarming rate, he finished in a time of 5:03.826. Fast enough on the factoring system to take the Bronze medal, behind Darren Kenny and Rik Waddon, and also a new British Record.

World Record and Silver for Jody on Day 3

Day 3 – Flying 200m

Another good day at the office for Jody, after a hard first 2 days, a PB and a WR was a welcome reward. 10.970 for the flying 200m, however with the British Championship being factored the result was only good enough for a silver medal, the event was a WR feast, with 4 of the 5 competitors going under their existing classification WR’s.

The event was won by Jon Allan Butterworth (C5), with Terry Byrne (C4) finishing 3rd.

Tomorrow sees Jody trying his hand at the 4km Pursuit, and with a good ride more medals may come.

Good start for Jody at National Championships

Day 1 – Team Sprint

In a nail-biting contest with Team Terminator, Andrew Kelly, Dave Readle and Jody Cundy ( took the bronze medal in the Team Sprint with a time of 47.752 and only two-tenths separating the teams. For Jody, this was his first able-bodied National medal and a great start to the 2010 Nationals.

Gold went to the Sky Track Cycling team of Sir Chris Hoy, Jason Kenny and Matthew Crampton with a time of 44.563, beating City of Edinburgh.

Day 2 – 1km Time Trial (CWAD)

After three rounds of Team Sprint on Day 1, the Kilo was going to be a tough event for Jody. Still, he managed to finish in a 1:07.241 which was enough to secure him the bronze medal in the factored multi-disability event. Gold went to Jon-Allen Butterworth with a time of 1:09.618 while Barney Storey and Neil Fachie won silver finishing in a time of 1:03.538

With the Team Sprint and the Kilo out of the way, Jody will be trying to defend his National title in the Flying 200m on the third day.